WordPress web design freelancer – Why you should hire one.

There are many perks of hiring a freelancer than a full-blown web agency. Freelance web developers have minimal overheads in comparison to a web agency.

In today’s age, our working lives are changing in a way that we could have never foreseen. We’re moving from the standard 9-to-5 toward a new working normality. Being a freelance WordPress developer means that I can work outside of those constraints.

The standard option for years has been for companies to hire permanent staff. Yet, recently, businesses and agencies are more often outsourcing short-term jobs to freelancers. Hiring full-time employees can mean that a business will have to provide a lot of benefits. Benefits such as holiday pay and sick pay, amongst others. As freelancers we handle all our own benefits and holidays.

There are many benefits of hiring a freelancer, including:


  1. Freelance WordPress developers are cheaper than web agencies.

One of the main perks of hiring a freelancer is that we are much cheaper than a full-blown web agency. Freelance web developers have minimal overheads in comparison to a web agency. Having an outdated set-up can put you at a disadvantage because you may be paying for more than what you need.

Hiring a freelancer means that your company can save. This is because you’re only paying for the freelancer’s services. With a web agency overheads include, office costs, holiday pay, sick pay, taxes and national insurance. We also utilise specialist software and have expert knowledge in our fields which reduces the need for any training.

Cost is one of the most important factors for business owners to utilise freelancers.


2. Specialised expertise in WordPress Development.

There is often a stigma attached to freelancers. Many people believe that we aren’t as skilled as our full-time counterparts. This is not true. I am a WordPress expert with over 10 years of experience. This is rare to find in an in-house development team. Web agencies are often made up of junior developers or mid-weight developers with lots of skills but no specialities.

When your company needs to have a certain task completed, one of the advantages of bringing in a freelancer is that we come with a specialised skill that allows us to get right to work. WordPress experts often have knowledge of various coding languages such as, Javascript, CSS, SQL, XML and more.

If an employee were to perform the same job, they would most likely need specialised training. By bringing in a person who already has the training and skills, you cut down on the time needed to complete the job. A specialised WordPress developer, like myself, is more efficient.

Think about how this could be useful for a company. Say you need a WordPress developer for a single project. It would not make sense to hire one full-time, because your development needs aren’t enough to justify it. Hiring a full-time employee would be expensive and a waste of company money. But, a freelancer would fit the project perfectly. 


3. Freelance WP Developers are low maintenance.

When working with a freelance WP developer you are dealing with one contact. This reduces the need for dealing with several different departments. Thus, you will find you have more direct communication and less hassle for yourself.

Seldom does a single employee have the skills to be a master at several tasks. To gain those skills would mean a huge investment in time and training employees, who could then choose to leave at any time. This then puts you in a difficult situation that can make you backtrack on the progress you’ve made.


4. Freelance Web Designers provide a high quality of work.

While normal employees may be more sporadic when it comes to consistent quality, a freelancer’s motor is always running high.

Work is never guaranteed for a freelancer so we take nothing for granted. Hence, we’re uniquely motivated to provide the highest quality of work and excellent turnaround times. Hiring a freelancer could improve your reputation for excellent work and the productivity of your company!


5. Freelance WP Developers offer Flexibility.

Freelancers are not constrained to 9-to-5. We offer your business flexible access to special expertise at the drop of a hat. We are often available at short notice to fulfil sudden demands that your in-house team may not be able to.

Today, companies have to find ways to be more efficient with less time and resources. Freelancers that are flexible about when we work can support overflow work, a tight deadline or a project dropped in the lap. This creates a better end result for both the project and your client, and can release pressure from your own in-house teams.


6. Why use WordPress as your CMS?

WordPress is, by far, the world’s most popular open source Content Management System. Why? There are many reasons for companies choosing to utilise WordPress. It can be self-hosted, so there are no costs associated with downloading, installing, and upgrading when using WordPress as your CMS.

There are over 54,000 plugins that can make a website more powerful, these are often free. Freelancers have access to pro versions of plugins that are even more powerful. These can include plugins to help manage SEO, your Google Analytics, Social Media Shares, Bookings, eCommerce and more. I have experience with extending the functionality of WordPress to meet my clients needs, each and every time.

Another reason for using WP is that it’s highly SEO friendly straight out of the box. It’s built using a standard compliance high-quality code. This means that Google and other search engines love WordPress.

The perks of using WordPress as your CMS don’t stop there. When designing a WordPress website, I always use the mobile-first approach. Most users, use the internet on mobile or tablet devices and due to the fact that WordPress is so customisable, it is easy to make your site mobile responsive. This is also a contributing factor for search engines like Google when they are crawling your site.


 So, why hire a freelance WordPress expert?

Companies in today are becoming more adaptable, you could argue that it’s helping them to thrive. With the enhanced features of WordPress, expert web developers always keep up-to-date with the latest updates and trends of WordPress. This up-to-date knowledge and experience is vital when employing a freelance website developer. It saves you money and in-turn, time, along with also producing high quality work with little management required.

Getting on-board with the freelance movement is the ticket to lasting growth, greater output and increased revenue.