Web Development Outsourcing – How to Outsource Your Website Development Work.

Just keep in mind that outsourcing web development isn’t exactly going to take all the strain off your shoulders, just the necessary parts.

You might just be starting out you web presence and need a new site. Or perhaps you are an existing site owner wishing your website could be better. There are many situations through which I’m certain you’ve toyed with the idea of outsourcing your web development, either entirely or in parts.

Before you read further, I must let you know that I am of the school of thought that business should always focus on their core capabilities. This means that if your main income is to come from activities other than web development, then outsource your web development!

Just keep in mind that outsourcing web development isn’t exactly going to take all the strain off your shoulders, just the necessary parts.

Web Design vs Web Development

While many people might say it’s just nit-picking over terminology, web design and development aren’t really the same thing. Design pertains to the aesthetics of the site – how nice it looks.

Development may cover site design but includes the building of the engine that runs the site.

PSD to HTML / PSD to WordPress no longer Works

Quite some time ago, business owners used to describe to a designer how they wanted their website to look like.

The designer would draft up the look and feel of the site using something like Photoshop and then hand it to a developer who would turn the PSD file into HTML code.

This is mostly outdated now, thanks to the massive influx of devices with varying screen sizes. A ‘one size fits all’ design is no longer feasible, and unless you’re willing to spend the time and money doing separate design and development for each device type – PSD to HTML isn’t realistic anymore.

PSD to HTML is still a massive topic on the web today even though a ‘one size fits all’ design is no longer feasible today.

Just look at WordPress for example and consider this fact. Using templates can ease a lot of the design burdens and many of them are responsive, meaning the templates adapt themselves to various screen formats.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still do so, in fact you can even turn your PSD files into WordPress templates, but is it worth the trouble?

How Outsourcing Web Development Works

The first thing you need to know is that even with outsourcing your web development, as a future site owner you are still going to be very much involved in the development process.

From choosing the right partner to defining the exact scope of your online activities, your input is vital if you expect not to be disappointed by what your web developers turn out.

Remember: Web developers are the same as other business owners – they are experts in their own field. What you need is to be able to pass on your expertise in your domain to them and allow them to transfer that knowledge into their technical design.

Make sure that things are spelled out in as simple terms as possible so there isn’t any room for misinterpretation.

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