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We build Dashboards and Analytics Applications for you to visually explore through your data.

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Visual tools to improve your business

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Smart Visual Analytics

We develop analytics tools for you to get better insights from your business. With fast and user-friendly interfaces for exploring and visualizing data.

Easy Interaction

Visually interact with your data and find insights in an immersive environment, so you can spot opportunities and risks before your competitors.

How it works

Effective Data Visualization.
Less Risks = More Opportunities

Enterprix key solution to our clients is to give them access to quality data from their businesses with visual analytics. Accessible anytime and everywhere.

Concentrate your data sources

Data analysis is only as good as the quality of the information being processed. Enterprix designs and integrates data from multiple sources to enrich the resulting product. Sources can come from SQL or NonSQL databases, cloud systems, business applications, among others.

Personalized Reporting and Visuals

Once your data sources are centralized, Enterprix will help you build versatile and rich reports that result in Business Intelligence. Take advantage of the ability to create and merge reports from different sources.

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