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Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics software that lets you visually analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations and discover hidden insights in minutes.

However, a number of agencies are now moving towards providing their clients with personal dashboards designed uniquely for them and developed using highly cost effective online, Cloud based, Business Intelligence (B.I.) applications.

By developing unique client dashboards these agencies are moving up to a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to client reporting. Furthermore, this approach is also assisting the agencies to drive business growth by introducing new revenue streams through more refined and focused reporting products.

The B.I. app. Zoho Reports, with its powerful and easy to use on-demand reporting and analysis features, can provide your clients with all the reports, charts and dashboards that your client requires.

Today clients are demanding weekly, daily, or even hourly, reports on critical campaigns. Being available online, Zoho Reports is always live and can be updated with campaign information from Google Adwords, Facebook, statistics from publishers etc. Indeed almost any online source that is available to your agency. 

Agencies can also control exactly what results your clients can see and how they are distributed, e.g. totally online 24/7, static reports distributed by email etc.

And the dashboards that you provide your clients can also be branded with your and your clients’ logos, and can also be seamlessly integrated within your agency website if required.

What all this means is that agencies are creating a much more engaging relationship with their clients compared to traditional slides and reports.

Sales Tracking

Marketing Agencies need to manage and track sales like any other business.  What better solution is there to track sales and marketing efforts than Zoho CRM? 

Zoho CRM is affordable, cloud based customer relationship software that helps companies manage and improve their sales efforts, from lead generation and lead capture, to sales closure, customer support and 360 degree customer marketing and retention.

Extensive reports are available within Zoho CRM that will allow you to track sales pipeline, sales activities, sales by month, by user, marketing campaign ROI and many more.

Project Management

Marketing agencies also have numerous projects to manage in parallel, spanning multiple teams.  

A project management tool helps them to do this more effectively as tasks can be assigned and tracked and work timed against tasks. 

Documents such as images, proofs, contracts, content and so on can be centralised.

Topics such as creative look and feel, content and test results can be discussed online in forums.

Team timesheet data can be tracked and analysed and, if applicable, invoices can be created for billable work.

And finally, clients themselves can be involved directly in the project by adding them as portal users – you can then assign tasks to them, have them upload client specific documents and participate in online discussions so that all project information and communication is centralised.

Consolidation of Data

Having several systems is all well and good, but ultimately what is needed is a way to consolidate the data into useful and meaningful dashboards that can be used by the teams to track sales and project status.

The Zoho Reports Advanced CRM Analytics synchronisation feature provides real time data in a consolidated and readable format, providing information such as:

  • Lead conversion by lead owner
  • Sales closure time
  • Lead conversion time
  • Sales manager performance
  • Sales cycle duration by sales manager
  • Lead conversion count by owner
  • Sales by lead source
  • Pipeline by probability & stage
  • Monthly sales trends over time

And the Zoho Reports Advanced Project Analytics synchronisation provides reports such as:

  • Timesheet report by project
  • Timesheet reports by staff
  • Projects status by task
  • Overdue tasks
  • Billable v non billable hours
  • Effective ROI by projects
  • Top project members
  • Top projects by billable hours
  • Top / bottom billed staff members
  • Burn down report by project
  • And many more! 

Data can be consolidated into dashboards for use in client reporting processes or for internal project reviews with Senior Management, Project Managers and teams.

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